Applications for Surface RT/Surface RT2

The information comes from below websites:

The applications listed beneath can only be run on Windows RT 8.1 devices that have been booted into Test Mode. For information about how to boot into Test Mode, there are 3 ways:
1. Install Yahallo to disable Secure Boot.  or
2. Uninstall Windows Updates 2016 later, install Secure Boot Debug Policy, that is Golden Keys. 
For 1 and 2,  run cmd as Administrator, then
    bcdedit.exe /set {bootmgr} testsigning on
    bcdedit.exe /set {default} testsigning on
3. Remove Windows Updates: KB3088195, KB3084905, KB3126593, KB3146723,KB3172614, KB3175024, KB3179574,KB5015874. Run cmd as Administrator then
    bcdedit /set '{current}' loadoptions ' /TŅSTSIGNING'
    Ņ is not english character N, it is an UNICODE character.

If the app can't work, please check signature or re-sign. You can download sign tool from here. Extract and run signtool.exe, then choose Sign file or Sign folder.
NOTE: The applications are provided without warranty. Any damage caused is your own responsibility.

App Information external download
QiViewer Qt-based Image Viewer 0.5.0
7-Zip  I already compiled latest version. You needn't use this old version.

If you would like to create the 7-zip Context Menus, Create the reg keys below... I had to take ownership of the registry directories to add them.
@="C:\\Program Files\\7-Zip\\7-zip.dll"

EDIT1:Also add this - [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\7-Zip]

Reboot your Surface then you should see the menu when you right click in explorer.
Thanks. Just FYI if you take ownership of HKCR\CLSID say to Admins, and ensure administrators has access to CLSID, just run 7zfm.exe as administrator, then Tools -> Options -> 7-Zip -> and tick Integrate 7-ZIP to shell context menu.
To avoid reboot from a non-admin elevated cmd prompt
taskkill -im explorer.exe -f
(if you run from elevated cmd prompt you may lose ability to launch metro apps until next reboot)
Audacity  Digital audio recording and editing. Use LAME to export MP3s.  When Audacity asks to locate lame_enc.dll, find libmp3lame.dll instead.
NOTE: Test result: Failed.
I run Ansi version on Windows RT 8.1, popup an error message about 1526 symbol of wxWidgets and can't startup. I run Unicode version on Windows RT 8.1, nothing happened when startup. I also run unicode version on Windows 10 on Arm, there is an error "can't initialize OLE" and can't startup.

Unicode version
Ansi Version
Computer ID 
Create Synchronicity  Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lightweight open source backup and synchronization program, available in many languages.
6 R1696
CryptoAlbum.NET  0.7.4
Disk Space Analyzer The app can't run on my Surface 2. download
Environment Variables Manager Manage your Environment Variable collections. Switch between Environment Variable sets quickly and easily, or run a single command with a pre-defined set of Environment Variables.
envman can also be used as a bridge between separate tools, one tool can register its outputs through envman and the next tool can access these as simple environment variables.
1.4 RC1
FastCopy  I already compiled latest open source version: 3.63
FreeSQL FreeSql is a powerful O/RM component, supports .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.0+, and Xamarin. download
FileZilla 3.0.1 I found a newer version 3.48.0 on github. I signed and run it, it works fine.
3.0.1 No support for encrypted protocols, only plain FTP.
3.0.1  Source
iPerf  iPerf3 is a tool for active measurements of the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks. It supports tuning of various parameters related to timing, buffers and protocols (TCP, UDP, SCTP with IPv4 and IPv6). For each test it reports the bandwidth, loss, and other parameters.
Run the exe-file with the command-line, otherwise it won't start.
IKVM.NET  IKVM.NET is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Use the exe in "bin" folder. You can only execute using cmd. To use it from any folder on cmd, move bin folder to C:\ and use this in cmd: SETX /M PATH "%PATH%;C:\bin".
Keepass  KeePass is a free open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in an encrypted database, which can be unlocked with one master key. 2.37
Pash An Open Source reimplementation of Windows PowerShell.
Microsoft has released its implementation of powershell for Windows, Linux, OSX.
See at
Process Hacker I tested 2.36, it works fine, but high CPU usage, about 50%.
A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware.
2.30 source
2.33 source
2.36 source
PuTTY Suite  PuTTY is a free implementation of SSH and Telnet for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.
Superputty expired
Enhanced version of PuTTY Suite with more features.
Quite RSS  QuiteRSS is a open-source cross-platform RSS/Atom news feeds reader.
RegShot  Regshot is an open-source (LGPL) registry compare utility that allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes or installing a new software product. 1.8.3 source
Screen To GIF  For users on a Surface 2, set the desktop scaling to 100% for coordinates to match exactly (or increase capture window size to compensate). In Windows RT 8.1, changing the desktop scaling can be done (and undone) without rebooting your tablet. 1.4.2
Simple .NET Web Server 0.6  source
Sharex  10.3
SpeechReader  You may want to 'keep display awake'-option. You can put a shortcut in the program in your 'shell:sendto' folder and send text files to it or load text files from the program. If you do not load text files, you can type or past text into the textbox to speak it. 0.1
Synergy  Use one mouse and keyboard across PCs (including Linux & Mac) 1.3.8  source
1.4.12  source
Text Hext Convert 
UnxUtils dn source
Windows App Boss  Windows App Boss is a handy and reliable application designed to assist Windows Store Apps developing in installing and managing Windows 8 applications. Windows App Boss allows users to add, uninstall and register Windows Store Apps, as well as to create / remove snapshots and to launch applications that are not visible in the Start Screen.
WinMerge  WinMerge offiicial github provided Arm32 version for latest build. But it can't run on my surface 2 because certification can't be verified. Even though I added root ca. So, I signed all of exe and dll using my certification. It works fine.
D1 D2
VirtuaWin  VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (all recent versions). A virtual desktop manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops (also called ‘workspaces’). Virtual desktops are very common in Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow.
4.4 src
VueScan  Can't Find a Driver for Your Scanner? VueScan is here to help
We reverse engineered over 6500 scanners and included built in drivers in VueScan so you can keep using the scanner you already have.
Download VueScan and start scanning in 60 seconds.
WinDjView You needn't use it. I compiled SumatraPDF, it can open PDF, Djvu, epub, mobi, chm and so on.
it's the best DjVu reader for Windows. Include source codes.
WinFile download
TigerVNC On My Surface 2: under Windows 10 on Arm32, it works fine. But, under Windows RT 8.1, it prompts "The procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library winvnc4.exe" when I double click winvnc4.exe. latest
TightVNC On My Surface 2: under Windows RT 8.1, as server, it can't whole screen, only part. It seems that resolution is 1280x768. I don't know why. I try to change viewer's option, but no effects. download
FAR Manager Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions:
viewing files and directories;
editing, copying and renaming files;
and many other actions.
AutoHotkey works with on screen keyboard download
 Free Download Manager (FDM)  It's a powerful modern download accelerator and organizer for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.
Here's what does not work yet:
- icons (will try to get it sorted)
- winsock sniffing (will "never" work, since the library costs $10k for ARM)
- video preview (uses directx, haven't had the time to even look if it is possible to get it running)
- web interface (stats up but apparently? crashes upon connection)
- help (FIXED)
3.9.2 beta
SumatraPDF I already compiled 3.3.3. Above 3.3.3 is not suitable to Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 10 on Arm. SumatraPDF changed webcore module to Edge (Chrome core) webcore after 3.3.3. :( 2.2.1
Busybox Busybox is a single standalone executable that provides many basic UNIX utilities.
Built with llvm-mingw, based on busybox-w32 repo with some patches.
I included both unstripped and stripped version of the executable.
(Make sure you sign the executable before use, if you are using TESTMODE exploit.)
How to build (Updated) :
Patched Repository :
Greenshot  Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows with the following key features:
Quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window or fullscreen; you can even capture complete (scrolling) web pages from Internet Explorer.
Easily annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot.
Export the screenshot in various ways: save to file, send to printer, copy to clipboard, attach to e-mail, send Office programs or upload to photo sites like Flickr or Picasa, and others.
...and a lot more options simplyfying creation of and work with screenshots every day.
code integrity / signing policy toggle
IP Messenger Peer-to-peer chat/file transfer ( bin
Unikey Expired
Known issue: without RtfIO, the "Toolkit" and "Conversion on the fly" features won't work. Older 3.1 build posted below
NZB-O-Matic Newsgroup post downloader (NZB download tool).
Mouse Without Borders Use one mouse across PCs (like Synergy). Install instructions here:
Fiddler 4 Advanced HTTP proxy. To install, unpack the .EXE as an archive using 7-Zip. To run correctly, copy the file Microsoft.JScript.dll from \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ on a Win8 machine (older Windows versions may also work) to the Fiddler "install" (unpacked) directory.
remote cmd RCMD is a simple remote command shell application which can act as both the client or the server. It works by simply spawning a command shell on the remote machine and manging the STDIN/STDOUT pipes. Much of the inspiration for this code comes straight from the MSDN example.
rcmd.exe [options] -p <port>
-s start as server
-c start as client
-a <address> address of server (requires -c)
rcmd.exe -s -p 8888
rcmd.exe -c -a localhost -p 8888
Privoxy Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. It has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

To use this, start the proxy (or install it as a service -- see Privoxy's user guide) and configure IE to use localhost:8118 (by
default) as your HTTP (and/or HTTPS) proxy.
At this point both the Desktop (if Protected Mode is enabled) and Metro versions of IE won't be able to connect to the
internet; run this in an administrator command prompt:
CheckNetIsolation.exe loopbackexempt -a -n=windows_ie_ac_001
CheckNetIsolation.exe loopbackexempt -a -n=windows_ie_ac_122
(The first line is for Metro IE, second line is for Desktop IE)
Hope this would save you some CPU power from those pesky web ads!
standby prevent surface rt to enter standby mode
this is a very tiny application to prevent windows rt to enter standby model without changing power plan, so you can control the standby model with task schedular.
a typical usage is to prevent standby, do some backup job, restore, which is my original purpose.
pay attention, you need the app to be running, otherwise it would take no effect. and hardware power button will also force the device to enter standby mode, which means, this app will also take no effect
there are several apps on windows 8 with the same funcationality, hope nothing has been ported to rt.
though not tried, it would also work for windows 8.
try standby without arguments to show a help.

supported commands
-set -- set the thread execution state.
-time -- sleep for a certain time, say -time 1 means sleep for 1 second.
-system -- use system mode.
-away -- use away mode.
-display -- use display mode.
briefly, system mode will prevent to enter standby mode, display mode will also prevent to shutdown the display, away mode will prevent from S3 sleep, if none of three modes are selected, this application will only reset the idel timer.
if none of set and time are selected, this application will print this help.
a typical usage is -set -system -time 100, to prevent computer from entering standby mode for 100 seconds.
or -time 100, to work just as sleep 100s in mingw.
for detail about the mode, please refer to http_://

some samples,
standby -t 10000 -s -sys -away
-- make the machine to enter system + away mode for 10000 seconds
standby -t 1
-- sleep for 1 second, usually using in a batch file
standby -t 10000 -s -sys -display
-- make the machine to enter system mode with display always on for 10000 seconds, usually you should use this app in this way

hope it would be helpful, the source code is at
http_:// under standby
IP Messenger Peer-to-peer chat/file transfer ( download
Paint.NET Image manipulation program. Paint.NET
AstroGrep Regular expression file/text search tool (basically, Unix grep).
Remote TrackPad Server Allows controlling a PC using a Windows Phone as a server. Use the.NET 4.5 server build:
ImageGlass Image viewing program. Runs fine but crashes on exit.

App Information external download
DtPad    Text/code editor. You can use the installer; there will be a warning but it's reported to work after clickthrough. BUILD 13034
MicroEMACS  Small, EMACS-like text/code editor. Thanks to @acrossland! Binary available at Download link. 5.00
Ninja Text Editor  Ninja Text Editor is, as its name implies, a text editor. With much faster commands than Windows' default Notepad application, it is a must-have for lovers of raw text editors!
0.5.2 BETA
Notepad++  I compiled 8.4.4.
Powerful but simple text/code editor
Notepad Enhanced  Simple text editor with tabbed interface.
OutlineNotes  This is a hierarchical, rich-text note application.  It uses .net 4.5.1 which and is digitally signed,
so you should be able to run it on both Windows and Windows RT.
Every time the app saves (on exit or by user request), the old datafile is first copied to before saving. 
You can back up the file yourself or if you run into an issue, grab the before exiting or saving again.
Created by xda user nazoraios.
QEdit HTML edithtml is a Wysiwyg + Source editor and as integrate a minimal image manipulator
to crop apply filter color grayscale resize ecc...
SciTE  Code editor (
Vim  This is vim 7.3. I included in the zip a diff against the 7.3 source tree for anyone wanting to build themselves. These
binaries were built with "OPTIMIZE=SPACE" and the patch uses a CRT DLL so the binaries are much smaller than the x86
For those wishing to run the binary:
1. unzip somewhere
2. unzip /pub/vim/pc/ from into the same location (couldn't include these due to attachment size
limits, and can't link due to being a noob)
3. [UPDATED] Remove vim\vim73\libintl.dll. This is included in the file, is not compiled for ARM, and is not
part of the vim source distribution.
4. run vim\vim73\install.exe. This is a console app that will allow you to configure install locations and settings.
No known bugs, but no extensive testing either Credit to all vim authors, bugs are my fault.
WinVi  This editor is especially useful for friends of the Vi editor, who do not want to give up the little conveniences offered by Windows. Many people think the advantages of WinVi suggest a turn to this editor.
TextViewNG This is a modified version of Haali Reader, one of my favorite Windows Mobile program. But the original author said "Modified versions must not be named 'Haali Reader'", so I renamed it TextViewNG
Be.HexEditor Simple editor capable of opening any file, including binary, and editing in text or hexadecimal. Requires changing a config file.
Be.HexEditor works fine. Just update Be.HexEditor.config file and change supported runtime to
<supportedRuntime version="v4.0"/>

App Information external download
Rainmeter Desktop customization / skinning tool. Many but not all features work 2.3.0 BETA R1091
ClassicStartMenu Provides a hierarchical Start menu on the desktop taskbar. Restart Explorer after you run it! download

App Information external download
Coolplayer  On my Surface 2: under Windows RT 8.1, it works fine. But UI is small.
Skinnable music player, now with FLAC support. Extra themes are available for download from the site.
MP4 Cinema  0.3
OPL3 Synth Driver OPL3 FM Softsynth
Installation instructions:
1. Save the .dll file somewhere, preferably %WINDIR%\system32
2. Open regedit and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32
3. Rename the existing "midi" key to say midi1 or midi2
4. Create a new key "midi", and have its contents contain the filename "opl3emu.dll" (alternatively the full path, may need quotes)
means of changing MIDI device is identical to windows 8 it seems however I have not tested existing utilities at this time
4a. If you do not wish to set it as a default, simply make a new key eg: "midi1" or "midi2" and have it contain "opl3emu.dll". Apps will still recognize its existence.
Plainamp is a free, open source audio player for Microsoft Windows.
WiMP3  Free MP3 Music Search Engine 0.2
Midi Sheet Music Midi Sheet Music is a free program that simultaneously: Plays MIDI music files Highlights the piano notes Highlights the sheet music notes
Make sure not to change the volume in the application by using the volume buttons on the side of the device.
MFPDemo A desktop player for video files. bin

App Information external download
Brainf**k IDE download
PascalABC.NET  3.0 BUILD 109
Quicksharp  No support for sln-files.
TeXstudio IDE for LaTeX documents. Requires a compiler such as MiKteX.
MikTex expired
LaTeX compiler (typesetting tool). Script is interpreted instead of JITed but works fine.
Curl  You can find latest version from Notepad++ 8.4.4 7.21
Lua  5.2.2
Perl  5.12.4
Pforth  Interpreter for the Forth programming language. Docs and samples available as well as binary: 27 LE
Python  Programming/scripting language and runtime. New: Experimental FFI should make much more code work. (Thanks @e13000!) Runtime: LibFFI: 2.7
Node.js JavaScript program/web server execution environment. Will be slower than usual due to lack of v8 JIT.
And here are some issues which will affect the performance:
1.Snapshot hasn't been used.
2. V8 uses some assembly code for arm, but it's just for linux and gcc.
So currently simulator is used when executing javascript code.
Version Control
Fossil SCM  Distributed version control software (sort of like Git or Mercurial). 1.26 Source
Subversion  1.8.0
SDL download
OpenSSL Crypto tool, can generate keys and certificates. May have some issues with large ECC keys. download
MongoDB NoSQL database. Mongo shell doesn't work correctly locally, but the server works and other clients should as well.
ffmpeg Video player. May be very slow with some codecs.
LZMA  compression DLL
Zlib (compression) Used by many open-source libraries that need to handle compressed data. download
GlDirect (OpenGL-DirectX wrapper) Adds support for OpenGL code by wrapping Direct3D 9.
the wrapped opengl32.dll works with quake2:
QT 4.8.4  (C++ utility and graphics framework). Used by many cross-platform open-source programs.

App Information external download
Apache  2.0.65  Source
Freeflex  Web browser 1.1B
Halite V0.3.4 torrent client. Magnet links may not work. 0.3.4 D1 D2 Source
QupZilla  Web Browser. HTTPS is unsupported. 1.4.3  D1  D2
Trojita  Trojitá ([trɔjɪtaː]) is a free software IMAP and SMTP email client developed using the Qt C++ library. The design goals of the maintainers are to develop a fast e-mail client which respects open standards, is cross-platform and uses the available resources very efficiently. 0.2.9 Source
Weebies  This is a simple web browser by the iEs Technologies. THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5. 3 Cube BETA
Outter Browser Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5. latest
MSEdge from
It is only for Windows 10 on ARM. It can't work on Windows RT 8.1.

App Information external download
Bochs. x86 Emulator  Known issue: no network support. 2.6
DeSmuME DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator running homebrew demos and commercial games.  0.9.11
DMGBoy  DMGBoy (Dot Matrix Game Boy) is a Game Boy emulator written in C++ 2.0
DOSBox DOS on x86 emulator. 0.74 D1 D2
Mini vMac Emulator for very early Macintosh computers, download
Snes9x  Super Nintendo console emulator. Some features are disabled but games appear to work fine. 1.53 D1 D2 Src
CrystalBoy Expired
Nintendo Gameboy emulator. Known issue: uses GDI+ instead of DirectX, may reduce performance. Conflicting reports as to whether it works.
Wabbitemu  Texas Instruments graphing calculator emulator and dev tools. When it asks to update, click ''No''.
TI84Plus OS255
Win86emu  Running x86 apps on WinRT devices
1. Extract all files to c:\ (it will create a x86node folder)
2. Execute c:\x86node\install\x86node.reg
3. Run c:\x86node\windows\postinstall.exe
4. For Windows 8.1, copy c:\x86node\Install\Windows 8.1\x86node\Windows\SystemNT\ntdll.nt.dll to c:\x86node\Windows\SystemNT\ntdll.nt.dll and override the current dll.

After this, you can run c:\x86node\windows\launcher.exe and choose a x86 exe to run (e.g. c:\x86node\windows\regedit.86.exe)
OpenTTD Open-source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe (transportation simulation game). Known issues and download link HERE:
MAME Arcade machine emulator (requires ROMs). Not yet fully tested; performance issues reported with some games.

App Information external download
IceChat IRC client 9.04A
Miranda IM Multi-protocol chat/IM client. 0.10.9

App Information external download
WinQuake WinQuake is the "official" Source port of Quake to Windows. 1.0
d3d quake1 Quake (original version) running in Direct3D (runs faster than the one that was listed here before). Instructions and downloads: download
Quake 2 I find an opengl to d3d9 wrapper.I am able to run warcraft3 on my pc using the opengl32.dll I compiled.But I haven't tried the arm version on my surface.
arm dll:
update:the wrapped opengl32.dll works with quake2:
ioQuake3  (Quake 3 Arena). Requires game files. Instructions and download: download
Return to Castle Wolfenstein download
Wolfenstein 3D download
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory download
Stoopid Chess
OpenTTD Open-source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe (transportation simulation game). Known issues and download link HERE: download
ScummVM  Game platform for many older games. Known issues: many disabled features and some crashes reported in this early build.
Read the application information
ResidualVM Platform for many old-ish 3D games. Known issues: many disabled features, most engines don't work yet. More info and download:
CorsixTH Engine for the game Theme Hospital. Includes demo, easy to use full version if you have it:
FreeRA Command & Conquer Red Alert (RTS game) engine. Requires game data files.
FreeSynd Syndicate (game) engine. No cutscene sound, requires game files.
Pentagram Ultima VIII (game) engine. Required game files.
PrBoom DOOM game engine (can use the included shareware WAD file or other game files).
ChocolateDuke3D Duke Nukem 3D game engine. Requires game files. Has a known sound bug with workaround.
GemRG Infinity game engine clone (used for games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment). Runs pretty well although some of the newer games may stutter a little. Requires the game files from a standard install.
FinalBurn Arcade game emulator. Port is still considered "alpha" quality.
Single Player Game Transmitter client. Streams 3D apps with good quality and responsiveness.
Alien vs. Predator Classic  First-person games based on the movies. Requires game files.
Nethack The venerable and classic "roguelike" RPG.